It’s there in the manual. I am thinking maybe this motherboard is not right. In fact it was to do with the HDD jumper settings. I tried taking the jumper off with no luck. I have tried flashing the bios also.

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And I am going to swap the video cards over. Finally got the update to work.

How do you install sata on KV7? Please help!

Hard Disk Boot Priority. I’m still getting that Sata RAID controller error window pop up at boot, still can’t set Monitor refresh rate, and I seem also to be having a prob with high temps.

Rember to select the disk as a boot disk. Trouble is, I don’t seem to have abkt option, it just isn’t there. Glad you got it sorted matey. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Aug 22, at All times are GMT I know this is an old motherboard, but was wondering if their are any other people who had problems and could give a possible solution thanks Tim.

Recent Drivers  HP 81E PCI E FC HBA DRIVER

Thanks but have sataa been there could only find details of upgrading by floppy. Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question?

Will be fitting that, probably tomorrow, and swapping lots of components around. When I plug my old drive in, it boots up and I can see the new sata drive listed as my D: Another interesting occurrence is that my machine restarts when I enable the Sata RAID controller in the device manager.

I’ve tried both on, both off and all combinations, still no luck in seeing the option for enabling On Chip Sata device. I had to call support.

Thx for the help, I will make sure the drivers are correct.

It hasn’t crashed for a few days now, it may have been the overheating causing it. Colin Smith, Sep 4, I have tried flashing the bios also. Apparently you have to do this to allow for a different hard drive controller??? Nice try, SD2, but I’m already using the keyboard in the ps2 slot: I am only using a cheapie generic case, but I will overcome these things: Try accesing using szta old ps2 keyboard and you should be ok.



It says 85Hz in adapter tag, but shows 60Hz in Display tag. I’m really at a loss here, any ideas? Will report back progress Thermalright SP97 has arrived – what a huge beast.

Jef I just purchased an abit KV7 board with onboard sata, and a Maxtor sata hard drive to go with it. Sending shifts in Realvnc. So I swapped that out for a cheapo Coolermaster combo with speed controlled 80mm fan, have it on full speed.

How do you install sata on KV7? Please help! | Motherboard Forums

Which makes me, er, a happy chappy: I am leaning towards taking this MB back to store. Powered with ill-gotten helium. Fun and games eh?