Adding a Data Source Name. Use This statement is used to remove a synonym referencing a table or view from the database. Try to access a sample Vision file using a utility that came with unixodbc. Grant database administrator privileges to yourself. Refer to Section 5. Synonyms can currently be created for base tables or views. Provides the mapping between SQL indexes and the Vision keys.

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User s Guide. AcuXDBC TM. Version 8.1. Micro Focus 9920 Pacific Heights Blvd. San Diego, CA

The -s command accepts acyxdbc storage method arguments: For example, you might change this: The synonym name can then be used in place of the object name in queries. If you would like to invoke the server daemon with different security or logging options, you can issue the xdbcsrvr command directly.

The default mask is as many nines 9s as required for the number s precision and scale.

Its default value is Each row for which the predicate is TRUE is deleted. Corporation A can specify all three components: You must use it whenever: The order of the columns in this statement determines their order acuuxdbc the table.

This variable is ignored if your data source is read-only. To be meaningful, this phrase must use a correlated subquery. If you get a message indicating that Virtual Memory has been exceeded, then increase the totalpages value.


Installing AcuXDBC/AcuXDBC Server

The read-only attribute applies only to elementary items, and not to group items. The primary advantage to a system catalog is that it allows for much greater relational database-like behavior. Only a DBA acuddbc execute this statement.

The default is on. It means use the following field s only if none of the other WHEN condition s listed for the same field is met. According to ANSI standard, this specification can only be a column constraint. Acuxrbc a larger value generally improves file performance.

Like most data sources, AcuXDBC does not support the notion of multiple definitions for the same column.

It shows how a newly created Vision database may appear to users after the initial install avuxdbc AcuXDBC and a system catalog populated with sample customer data. These are described in Chapter 6. Check this box if this is a network data source.

If no server is specified, the xdbcsrvr process is pinged on the current host; otherwise the process is pinged on the named host Stopping AcuXDBC Server Use wcuxdbc -kill [-n port] [server] to halt kill the xdbcsrvr process on port or the port specified by the -n option.


Use This statement is used to set a number of database administrative acuxebc, as described in the table above. You can only issue this constraint once in a given table.

Fully named day all uppercase. Whether to group fields or not also depends on how you want to process them. In network installations, acuxdbc.

Sign up using Email and Password. One table is given the current name of the file, while the VIEWS resulting from any acuxdnc conditions are given the name specified with the tablename parameter see syntax below.

AcuXDBC Setup: Logging Tab

If you would like to override the default mapping behavior, or map a field to a different name, you can add directives to your COBOL code. Change to the mount directory. Doing so, displays the following information: Name of the object on which to revoke privileges.