As long as it doesn’t get too hot, everything else should be fine. If i get another 5mph from a 72 volt configuration that would be perfect. I am kicking around the idea of just getting a 20amp. I’m using a basic analog RadioShack meter, so not positive if it’s accurate. Now my question for folks here is this Later on, I really want to go to 72 volt, but will go all out and upgrade the motor, controller, and batteries at that time.

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Ananda Power Brushless Dc Motor Controller

I”m very curious but i don’t want to smoke the thing just a day after I got it all working! I upgraded this with a much nicer richey 3 ring setup.

This is probably not a good idea to keep it here poqer extra heat from overvolting since it really doesn’t get much wind down there.

If I’d crossed that 52 volt mark, who knows! A permanent ananda power brushless dc motor controller reversible long life high torque. I have an identical spare motor controller that i purchased from the dealer ananca sold me the ebike. I’m using a basic analog RadioShack meter, so not positive if it’s accurate.

Much more attractive than a bunch of duck tape! The Ananda low voltage internal regulator thin red and black wires reads 5. I’ll post some pics of the new configuration. There is some info on over-volting here http: Reviewing the controller’s major components and realizing that the FETs are rated for 75volt and paralleled as well.


I’ve also ditched the cute battery box, and now have the 7ah SLAs in the same place as that battery box. This required adding a front derailleur since the bike didn’t have one to begin with. After that i tested the motor under no load with full throttle and could tell immediately that i had much higher rpms!

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We have been exporting to more than 20 countries. For temporary testing now I am using a resistor powef and driving all three lines together. It’s a heavy duty rack that I have been able to successfully haul quite a bit of wait in collapsible bike basket. The previous owner has also cut some of the connectors off.

Now I just need to figure a good way to rainproof the terminals. China ir motor control China 96v dc motor controller China b b motor control.

After removing all the potting material, here are hldc markings that i could identify on each of the major components inside it: It is a TI brand chip. Mine doesn’t have those capacitors.

High Power Brushless Electr Motor Suppliers, Manufacturer, Distributor, Factories, Alibaba

It would seem the throttle is working??? The three powe had to be a square taper connection, so i didn’t have too many choices, unfortunately due to the overall width of the BB, cartridge upgrade blsc not possible here. New design CE 10A 24V controller ananda power brushless dc motor controller. There are 57 ananda power brushless dc motor controller suppliers, mainly located in Asia. I had to split the pack and charge three with my original charger, and then the one with a 12 volt charger from an old electric weed eater that broke on me.


I had to lift the battery box to make room for the bottom pull mechanism of the derailleur. China rf motor control China dc motor controller 48v China rpm motor control. Tried a 10K ohm variable resistor from the purple wire poower the black wire. Wires cut, connectors missing, etc. Comparator – This one I looked up but i have forgotten the code that was on it.

I hooked up everything normally, and tested the new pack in the 36 volt configuration. The motor is of the type where they used the little wooden sticks to separate the sections of the hldc. The Wuxing LTX throttle has 9 wires coming out of it.