ASUS tech support hot line: Some people have trouble reading the screen because it is wobbling too much. At no time have I seen the computer lag due to insufficient processor power. You do this by pressing on the back of the screen and seeing what happens on the front. The screen on the V6j is pretty good in the brightness department. You might check out other reviews for more information on this subject. You have control of the brightness, you can adjust different settings in Windows for font sizes, and you can also change the color settings to best suit you and what you are doing.

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The internal speakers are placed in the two front corners next the touchpad and the Asus team did a great job of blending in the holes for the speakers with the general design of the notebook.

Asus V6J Review (pics, specs)

Screen Brightness The screen on the V6j is pretty good in the brightness department. Recovery CD in case you wipe you remove the recovery system on the hidden partition AsusTek DVD Nero Norton internet security uninstalled it before trying Customer Support The notebook comes with 2-year limited global hardware warranty and 1-year battery pack warranty. Input and Output Ports Asus V6J left side view view large image Asus V6 right side view view large image Asus V6J back view view large image Asus V6J front view view large image As you can see at the beginning of this review, all of the ports for this asua are on the sides.


Coupled with a case that is packed full of cutting edge hardware, this machine has been a pleasure to own so far. On other computers I have used half of the pressing would give double the rippling. The colour-shine increases the amount of contrast which means that blacks are blacker and whites are whiter. I find the look of this screen to be much better than any other I have used either matte or glossy.

I must say that the casing and cover are tough as nails and very scratch resistant.

ASUS V6J (V6X00J) Review (pics, specs)

The USB ports are all on one side of the computer, and with enough cords you might find a mouse annoying but the design works and the layout seems to make sense to me. On the whole, it’s a truly stylish notebook, especially spectacular when it’s on. Framing the keyboard is a brushed aluminum surface that screams style. On the bottom of the notebook you can see a HDD bay on the photo below with an anti-shock plate, a CPU and memory bay, mini PCI bay to the right of the CPU bay on the photo and a reset button over the card holder on the photo.

Qsus should be expected. The number of buttons is unusually great — 5 buttons plus the power button. The battery sits along the back edge, and the front has no ports.

I emailed a nice guy named Eddie who helped me to find a Core 2 configuration that I wanted.

I was online getting ready to buy the Sony SZ series and got an email from a friend that said he had seen a website which had a V6J with a Core 2 Duo processor. This leaves very little space for more than what is needed. The pad surface is just barley set in, and actually looks flush unless you pay special attention to that area.


Nothing on the notebook gives and it feels sturdy when held in any position. In my opinion the biggest flaw on this notebook is the CPU fan. The lowest value I got was 1 minute 24 seconds.

This was with over 50 different services running, and is significantly faster than any other laptop I have personally used. The display lid also houses wireless, Bluetooth, battery charge, and AC power indicators. I have found this size is easy on my eyes for reading for extended periods of time, displays pictures very well, and provides a crisp look. A stripe of control buttons and indicators is located above the keyboard. I recommend BTOTech for the great buying experience, fast ship times, and generally knowledgeable crew.

The RPM drive is faster and usually noticeably so, but it does generate more heat and has a more noticeable clicking sound. In the end it truly comes down to this: The touchpad is usual for ASUS notebooks — very effective and rather convenient. Underside view view large image.

It makes a low noise around 35dB which is noticeable in quiet rooms or when you have a meeting with one or two persons. It should have been placed as far as possible. Do you remember when all notebooks were boxy and vv6j built for function and not for form?