I need advice fast.. I hugely recommend this adapter – the software driver s loaded onto a Windows-7 computer flawlessly! The only one available on amazon is the v2 at the moment.. And i never use it with VirtualMachines. Anyone have any advice? Beacons are seen on air if it operates in 2.

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So it really depend on the use you have awus051ng this adapter. After first seeing these routers popping up I began searching for a wireless USB adapter that works in the 5 GHz range and is also Kali Linux compatible.

ALFA Network AWUS051NH v2

I am running kali linux RT phy6 wlan2mon rtusb Ralink Technology, Corp. The external antenna is truly dual band instead of 2.

Awus051hh may also like. Dual Band routers are very popular and have began to populate offices, small business, and homes. I want to buy one as i can not use wlan0 of host machine running windows 7. Aois there anyway to operate in 5g?

First it didn’t work at all with my work laptop “Dell Latitude E” i have tried so many software versions, tricks and tweaks none of them work and they actually missed up my windows and i had to do a recovery!!!


ALFA AWUSNH Long Range USB Adapter | WiFi Cyprus

I need to perform attacks on WiFi for my project and i am really in need of advice. I need advice fast.

I can see a third more routers available when I use this dongle compared to a dedicated 2. Can anyone tell me where to download a better driver? I have since played with it more and really like this adapter. When i loaded my laptop with a live version of Kali from a USB adapter my build in wireless work a LOT better and was able to capture the handshake easily. I will add updates as I continue to test it. On my keyboard the caps lock led and the scrolling led started awus051hh blink and everything freezed, so I had to close that virtual machine.

If you have an answer for the chipset question or know of another Dual Band 2. I dont find it on google.

Wondering if this has something to do with it? Not sure if this is a problem or normal. I am not worried about it in the foreseeable future.

Which itself was a revision of NH v1 and NH v2. Also, when I do start wlan0, it says monitor mode activated but station mode deactivated.


Use device manager to check if drivers up to date. Run lsusb command to see the correct chipset then load the correct chipset with rmmod and modprobe commands if there is a problem. Could you please Let me me know the driver you have used?? Best of Luck Read full review Verified purchase: It seems as though the drivers Kali loads awks051nh causing the confusion with the chipset.

Module not found in directory ect. Best of Luck Read full review. In the end though its whatever works to fit that scenario. Wireless N or Most relevant reviews See all 11 reviews.

I thought that the clear plastic bit on the top is presumably a light.