I may be a novice, but this seems to be creating quite a buzz, leaving me thinking that this is a too good to be true scenario. We’ll try our best to help you out as far as we can. Monitors at PC rooms are used for PC games, and to PC gamers, dust inside the glass is not a big problem to play computer game. Either buy it now whil stock lasts or risk no getting a unit. I don’t know if he consistently ships the same models but you could always try contacting him for more info.

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His thread is about how great the monitor jonitor, if I you weren’t idiot status I would have been trying to claim credit for his choice. I have looked for dead pixels but none have turned up. Taking off the stand completely along with the silver rear panel is a bigger challenge that it first looks. We are really sorry for this inconvenience.

Review of the Yamakasi Catleap Q monitor |

Might just go with that BenQ I was looking at in my thread. I am not all that risk averse, but damnnnnnn. Elann Follow Forum Posts: Or, if you have any other idea, please tell us.


We did have a one bright pixel, but were literally straining our eyes to see it, as it was only visible in white. Let me introduce you the regulation about this product in Korea. Again, we are sincerely sorry for this inconvenience.

Shipping was amazingly fast. ShimmerMan Follow Forum Posts: I ended up going with the safer route. D From wich seller did you order it? I mean, how are they offering a superior product for a very competitive price to us Western folk while including moniitor fees across the globe?

There are five different versions apparently. The screen is so much more crisp than my p LCD monitor. The multi version with HDMI has crazy input lag.

Review: Yamakasi Catleap Q270

The speakers are poo so you basically just pick whichever one is cheaper. All of the surfaces are piano-glossy black except for the base, which is clear with a faux-chrome trim, and a back panel that is a matte silver.

I couldn’t use a wall mount on the current desk I have since it has an overhead shelf where my receiver is.

I have only had it on for about 2 hours but so far I love it. I am one hell mlnitor an indecisive person finding out whether I should get this monitor has been riving me more monito than finding a job or a house! I got the screen home and set it up.


I didn’t look into that too much and hopefully I never will. Please Log In to post.

Example Its helped a lot with working on papers for school and such so I don’t have to constantly switching between windows. The Catleaps with those other inputs are most likely going to have speakers built it as well. S-IPS screens really are worth it! I can search for the product myself but I just need a version number or name or something. I forgot about this two minutes after I left the thread. I asked dream-seller about my dead pixel I though it was black but it seems to be able to show the color blue and about the small amount of dust in my tempered glass Shimian and this is what he said: I think I have bugged you and some others enough now.

If anyone has questions about it, I’ll do my best to answer: