I notice something is wrong when the system halts for a 1 second You should then be able to test via a LiveCD. AnAlach, how did you install version 0. So it would be great to upgrade the at76ca driver to this new version 0. I’ve compiled the latest Jaunty kernel 2. It may be the same bug, I’m not sure. Claudio der-claudio wrote on

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On Gutsy, I’ve tried to build the driver from the at76ca-source package version debizn. Really need that sync with upstream to go to 0.

Messages on driver crash when unplugging the adapter Gutsy Edit 3.

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Could these be the same bug? Brandon Kruger bmk wrote on I’ve compiled the latest Jaunty kernel 2. Email me about changes to this bug report. See full activity log. Tim Gardner timg-tpi wrote on Bus Device KarlRelton karllinuxtest-relton wrote on Have the same problem. I compiled this version and rebian seems to load ok I just execute a “make install”.


Maybe one can find it out by comparing the mainline with the ubuntu one. It may be the same bug, I’m not sure. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Andy Whitcroft apw wrote on The crash always occured when unplugging the adapter. Martin Broers banaan2 wrote on Cleber Santz clebersantz on Did that and it worked fine. Thanks for posting my working-around.

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Claudio der-claudio wrote on Great, it simply works now! I have dbeian Atmel usb wlan adapter: Could you test those and report back here.

Gustavo Rahal gustavo-grahal wrote on So there is something borked about the staging driver, even though that is based on v0. I ay76 had crashes in the past, when I had 3 or 4 devede-programs creating simultaniously a dvd, but i don’t think this had anything to do with the atchipset. Machine randomly freezes with caps lock and scroll lock flashing when the device is plugged in.


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When adapter is not plugged in the machine runs perfectly. Compiling and re-installing the Berlios driver has no effect. Thanks to Andy Debiab for taking care of this bug.

Going forward, bugs that would have been reported against linux-ubuntu- modules should now just be reported against linux. I noticed the version of Ubuntu your using is in End of Life status.