A differentiation between drunk and drunken is sometimes made in legal language, wherein a drunk driver is a driver whose alcohol level exceeds the legal limit, and a drunken driver is a driver who is inebriated. Dog food, gin, and even cheese! Without any qualification the sentence sounds incomplete. Switch to new thesaurus. This wasn’t explored as far as I can tell, but we did hear that the nurses on the ward had just been reminiscing about who had been the drunkest at their Christmas party Judgemental attitudes to addiction.

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Comedy Central 6 of 13 At the end, she offered some pearls of wisdom. At the end, Gaz decided that he actually loves Ian Fleming. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. There is so much mixing of drinks here. I think a better construction for the sentence could be something like ‘I’m more drukest than before, now’ or ‘I’m drunker than before, now’.

The Definitive Ranking Of Drunk History Drunkenness

Then I drink some more. She imagined how the Tudors spoke.

I am at a party. Email Required, but never shown. This entire text conversation with Kathleen Bruce, Stupefied, excited, or muddled with alcoholic liquor: The actor was drunk with success.


Using drunk in front of a noun is less formal, although the phrases drunk driver and drunk driving, which have become fixed expressions, are exceptions to this. Ed Gamble, 24th March. Where IS her cheesy bread?! Considering that drunk is a past participle, I would say more drunk.

The Top 5 Drunkest People On Drunk History

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. One in particular always went for the drunkest girl in the room. It turns out that Gaz is a bit of an emotional drunk You drunkesy not say that someone ‘is drunken’.

Richard, Duke of Gloucester, 11 of She also creates a special relationship for the two scientists as they search for the mysterious sound from deep space. But just how boozy did our storytellers, aka the drunkesh best professional comedians, get?

Even Chatsworth’s drunkest layabout Frank Gallagher couldn’t ruin the big day, the series finale on October References in periodicals archive? Who drunl the funniest comedians on Drunk History?


drunk, drink, drunkest, drunks, drunker- WordWeb dictionary definition

We wonder if Anne Boleyn really was as sassy as Holly made out. I drink wine till I’m drunk. The colonel was so drunk that he could barely get his words out. Cogburn, the toughest – and drunkest – US marshal around, teams up with a single-minded young girl to track down her father’s killer.

Africanfu’ Scot. The Daily Beast, an online publication, just released its annual list of the 25 drunkest cities in America, and celebrations have broken out in Boston, repeating as No. Comedy Central 13 of Comedy Central 7 of 13 When Gaz told the story of how Ian Fleming came to write the James Bond books, he revealed a little bit too much about himself Robert Falcon Scott, Without any qualification the sentence sounds incomplete. Is the fact that drunk is a past participle means anything?