If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! I did ask about it in their support forums closed to registered users only, sorry. Under more advanced scenarios, conditional build instructions and patching can be done by the dkms system, but in our case this is not necessary. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Hello, I know this thread is over a year old now, so sorry for bringing up a dead horse.

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You have to dig, but there are some updated versions of the driver source. RSS feeds of this Blog comment feed.

Ubuntu up to As its my Windows-box, I just wanted something that is hardware-based, reasonably fast and affordable. These instructions helped me with v1. highpiint

Max on Another minor but critical fix In The biggest problem seems to be, that it doesn’t build on any reasonably modern Linux. DKMS is automatically called by the Ubuntu kernel install scripts.

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Read this about fakeraid and why not to go there.

RocketRaid 62x and 64x Driver

RocketRaid 62x tar -xzf rr62x-linux-src-v1. Here are some links that might help: The drives do occasionally go off line, but not lonux the point that I need to throw it away. RocketRaid 26xx Driver Update: They used to be free as in beer and speechbut they went commercial.

The repo is at: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. It’s a fakeraid card. It’s just hghpoint I’ve been very busy with number of other projects, but I’ll see what can be done for this.

Not to mention that my motorcycle had problem with carburetor and when I got that fixed, the alternator broke.

I’ve roccketraid to make a couple of the older releases, but of course they fail as soon as they detect any recent kernel. Steve A on It’s a shame how the manufacturer is not supporting Linux properly.

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HighPoint RocketRAID – Gentoo Wiki

I patched hihgpoint rr64x driver and roketraid now works for me on Ubuntu If after a kernel upgrade you reboot and it can’t find the rr26xx module, then reboot in an old working kernel and run this: To load the driver you can restart or execute the following: Warning As it stands, the instructions are a bit out of date.

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Things fell trough rlcketraid point 6. RocketRaid 62x and 64x Driver Notice Variations on these instructions will likely work with other RocketRaid or even other hardware drivers, but they’ve at least been tested with the rr62x and rr64x on Maverick To add Kernel 4. Above symbolic link must be complete absolute path! Need to make sure kernel headers are installed” Download the driver source from Highpoint: However, the changes required to the source code are fairly trivial.

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