Spike Hyzers fall in the category, too. Innova Archon – Star. Check out the StarLite Sidewinder Here! I use it for long turnover shots. The Innova GStar Shryke is a stable distance driver. If it is still fading that much after that much time, you might have got a freak. Sounds pretty fun, huh?

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Flightnumbers | Innovastore | Disc Golf Online Store

I do not have experience with Echostar. In any case, Straightesst know the Crave has beat in. Great for straight ahead power shots and lo…. Flight Ratings can be used to compare Innova, Discmania and Millenium discs.

For newer players, the Archo…. This score was made using a formula calculating three main variables:.

Innova Stable Mid Range Drivers

With ‘ of fairway power I think you would really like a star TL as well, great disc and I think a bit straighter HSS than the FD but maybe wants to sweep fade a bit more. The beadless, low profile mid-range you’ve been looking lnnova.

The Innova GStar Orc is a straight flying stable distance driver with amazing glide and dependable fade. This is probably as straight as you can throw a disc.


It’s an easy to throw, very long r…. Approved inthe Aviar has been the number one putter in disc golf for over thirty years. Excellent strzightest staying on narrow fairways and threading through forests. It is a straight flyer that can handl…. Innova Katana – Champion Dyed.

Straightest Flying Mid-Range Test – Disc Golf Reviewer

The Innova Champion Glow Wraith is a long stable distance driver. Innova Orc – GStar. You can beat in mvp plastic,but it takes time, and the ones that you can which is electron plastic, I wouldnt recommend to anyone in the world.

Now I have to try this stupid disc? The Innova Pro Driver Beast is a staight stable maximum distance driver. Its high glide, high speed, and high speed turn all combine to give big distance. I chose the Mako3 because I could throw it with ease knowing it would hold its line and glide down to the right holding the line I released it on.


This thing thrives on forehand inova shots. This score was made using a formula calculating three main variables: The shallow rim allows for forehand shots as well. Similar to the Katana, with more…. Innova Valkyrie – Champion. But my memory is not perfect, and althoug I have not noticed any change in the F Volt for over two years of use, there may have been some early on that I chalked up to learning the disc and to my form improving.


Comfortable throwing an ultimate disc and want to make the transition to disc golf, the DX Wombat3 innovz your go-to crossover disc. It is a fast disc golf driver with a lot of glide and great grip.

Champion Mako Factory Second

From Twitter Follow us on twitter. A good rule is to add together the inmova and fade ratings: The flaws do not affect flight characteristics or durability of the disc. The Ruby allows beginner throwers to avoid the low-speed fade. Innova Beast – Pro Driver Dyed. Another possibility would be going to PIAS by you and finding a beat tb in the used bin.