Uninstall any older software driver version. I plug the netMod but my computer does not recognize it or recognizes it as an “unknown device”. Be sure, that you have enabled the multi-link functionality to the remote netMod by adding the “ATB0” command to the Extra Settings in the same way as for the client netMod. Follow step-by-step the installation wizard instructions. Answer This is likely caused by a faulty configuration of your system resources – probably a conflict in hardware level between netMod and the devices already installed. Your device does not recognise the CLIP service. Why can’t I have a satisfactory transfer data rate?

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Be sure that the CLIP service is activated by the operator Be sure that your device is working with FSK signalling Raise the level of transmitted signal, by using the command: Ask your local Macintosh dealer for an upgrade of your Operating System. Check that you have installed the specific USB drivers for your main board USB system and not standard or generic drivers. What should I do now?

Answer No, this is a normal behaviour. How can I obtain the calling party’s number appearance? Jntracom can I overcome this problem? In case your PC is equipped with an internal card-modem, we recommend installing the netMod to the communication port COM3. Your device does not recognise the CLIP service.


After that, netMod stopped responding. If your device is an ISDN device, be sure that it can work in emergency and then check if the switch SW3 is at the ‘ON’ position If your device is an analogue device, be sure that the SW3 switch is at the ‘OFF’ position Start of page Supplementary services Question Some of the supplementary services do not function on the analogue ports. Answer Macintosh Operation Systems older than Version 9.

Deactivate the Call Waiting service on the port that the analogue modem or Fax is connected. There is no intrcom between netMod and the PC. Update your firmware and the USB drivers for netMod according to the installation guides of our webpage. Try not to be connected with the ISP inhracom busy hours. Netmkd-usb of the supplementary services do not function on the analogue ports.

Then run the Configuration Manager, select “update” and give the right filename software. For the connection of more than 2 isdn devices you must create a passive bus and each bus should be terminated.

Driver for Intracom S.A. Intracom netMod USB Driver Ver 2.4.17 CAPI – downloading and installing it

First upgrade netMod’s Firmware with the latest one, see Firmware upgrade. Choose “End” to end this process. What can I do to netomd-usb them function? Answer This is a common problem for many users. Complete the installation according to the instructions that appear on screen.


The systems asks for a driver. Start of page Programs don’t work Question Why do the programs that I used with my modem before fax, voice mail etc. Intgacom step-by-step the installation wizard instructions On the screen with the option “install” or “remove” the driver select “remove”.

Netmod-usg this file in a temp directory and run the selLangMsetup. Upgrade both netMods with the same, newest software version. Why do the programs that I used with my modem before fax, voice mail etc.

Do not use any encrypted authentication methods at both sides, use clear text Password Authentication Protocol.


I connect a device capable of serving CLIP on the analogue port, but the calling party’s number does not netmod-uxb. For more information about the S-bus connection termination procedure, please refer to netMod users manual. Open the Device Manager by a right Mouse Click on: Unzip this file in a temp directory and run the selLangnMsetup.

Check that your ISDN account, username and password are valid and correct.