Page Troubleshooting Display in Enlarge Display mode If a paper misfeed occurs, the screen shown below appears. Press to display the screen for specifying user ac- cessibility functions. Do not ignore this safety advices. In the Basic screen, touch [Finishing]. Misfeed-clearing guide FN3 Opened when clearing paper misfeeds within the finisher See p.

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The output order can be changed or jobs can be deleted from the Current Jobs list of the Job List screen.

Page Can sizes in inches be displayed? Large documents can be scanned in several batches and combined into a single PDF. For de- tails, refer to the Print Operations of the user manual. Care of the machine Insert the cleaning opivetti into the print head cleaning opening, pull it out, and then repeat this back and forth movement olivetgi or three times.

Select this setting to produce one double-sided copy from two single-sided documents.

The Finisher Adjustment screen appears. Staple cartridge holder d-Color MF Otherwise, cancel the User mode by touching [Close] in each olivettii until the screen for the Copy, Fax, Scan or Box mode appears. Upper tray 3rd tray: The maximum power of the laser diode is 10 mW and the wavelength is nm.

Installing the high-performance Super G3 fax module makes the d-Color MF25 a complete combination of four. Therefore, the print head unit should not be opened under any circum- stances. Laser Safety Label Installation and operation precautions Laser safety label A laser safety label is attached to the outside of the machine as shown be- low.


The following three Combine Originals settings are available. Grasp both sides of the staple car- Staple cartridge tridge holder, lift it up, and then pull it holder out.

Olivetti d-Color MF25 Cyan Toner B0536

Page ADF, there is a smaller chance of a paper misfeed occur- ring. Special text markings [Stop] key The names of keys on the control panel are written as shown above. Note The consumables mentioned above are replaceable. Lateral guide Film Load the paper into the tray so thatmark the side of the paper to be printed on the side facing up when the package was unwrapped faces up.

The Low Power mode can also be canceled by pressing any key in the control panel or by touching the touch panel. In addition, no more than sheets of thick paper can be loaded. The touch sensors are not aligned on the touch panel. As opposed to hue and brightness, saturation is the characteristic that indicates the degree of vividness. The types of jobs that can be selected differ depending on the selected tab.

Specifying User Settings, System Oluvetti Print Lists Select the paper tray used for printing Tray 1 lists, such as the sales counter and con- sumables indicators. Page Displays the Function Map screen, which contains a chart of the available functions and settings Detail The items displayed in the Help menu for olvietti name and function of each part differ depending on the options that are installed. Page The shape of the black toner cartridge is different from the shapes of the toner cartridges for the other colors.


Minimal Select this setting to produce a copy with the original image slightly reduced.

PC Care – Supplies and Consumables for Olivetti Colour Copiers – MF25 and MF25 plus

When loading envelopes, load them with the flap side up, as shown in the illustration. Page — If a Book Erase function is specified, touch [Image Adjustment] in the Application screen, touch [Standard Size], and then specify the size of the document.

Page The output order can be changed or jobs can be deleted from the Current Jobs list of the Job List screen. Page mm, the short side of the paper is stapled.

Page – Automatically conserving energy Sleep m To make a copy Press the [Copy] key to display the Basic screen in Copy mode.