OUTlamp blinks, and an error message appears in the display window of the front control panel. Print twice on the same character. With the two small pivots on either1side of the paper rack downward, fitthe pivots in the groove on the reartop cover. Paper management is further enhanced by the printers’ Intelligent Label Mode, which prevents labels from peeling off. Paper RackxSlide both paper guides to theextreme left and right edges of thepaper rack. Ignores the DSR signal

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OUT lamp lightsincorrectlyxxPaper detect sensor may be damaged. This manual is for the following two models of the printer. A Dot matrix printer that meet the highest demands in quality and speed.

Do not try to move the print head if the power is seiksoha. Page 5 ContentsUnpacking the printer Wait until it has cooled down.

Extended setup options Interface typeThe parallel interface or the serial interface is selected. Moves to next horizontal tab. Please refer to the “Printer cover removal”on page 59 to remove the covers for cleaning. Page 6 Data length. Page Length is 12 inches. Default font in a draft printing Refer to Control code summary section.

Printribbons for Seikosha BP

Release the pb lock levers r upwardand move the right tractor tothe marked position as shown in the figure, and lock it in place. Refer to the specification ofyour host system for selecting proper communication protocol.

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Do not bend or twist the powercord. OUTlamp blinks, and an error message appears in the display window of the front control panel. Before you connect an interface cable to your computer, you need to know what type of printerdriver is supported by your software applications and what type of connector is needed to attach theprinter to the computer.

The parameters set in the setup options are stored in the memory of theprinter and used as the default values in initialize operations. When thepage length is other than CODE, it is a fixed length and a software command is ignored. An appropriate selection isdisplayed according to another setup options like the emulation type of either IBM or FX mode. For example, when using some application software, if you want to boldface or underline aword, the printer driver automatically translates your specific boldface or underline instructionon your application software to printer control command.

Basic setup options Printing multipart paperThe multipart mode increases the print intensity on multipart forms by striking the samecharacter twice or more in several passes of the print head.

Seikosha BP Series

When this function is executed, theprinter is initialized. The font can be changed by a software command. Ribbon Type and Life.

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Control panel and operations3. To print a bar code from your host, firstly set the bar code type designation and a desiredprint sizes.

Extended setup options Line feed LF A function for executing the carriage return operation when receiving the line feed command LF code is selected or deselected. Basic setup optionsAbout basic setup optionsThe setup options serve to define various initial states of the printer that are executed when thepower is turned on or when the RESET key is pressed.

To increase versatility even further, the BP has a push tractor for fanfold paper at the rear and optionally a pull tractor or a cut sheet feeder expandable by ASF E for top-feeding operation.

Seiko Precision BP-6000 18pin dot Mátrix RS232 LPT1 Nyomtató

Waituntil the print head seioosha cooled off. Printer stops or slowsdown on printingxPrint head has overheated. Do notspill or splash a cleaning liquid inside the printer. Although these two models, Model A and Model B, look different,the difference is only the appearance of the casing areas at the front. Open the printer cover.