It is very particular as to the order that you power up your equipment. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. For some reason this sets the button configuration and is part of fixing the driver problem. I’m not sure of the difference between the original u46 and the mixvibes version other then the color. What is the driver version you are using for the soundcard? Disable the onboard sound card – Right click on ‘My Computer’ go to properties, then ‘Device Manager’. Media New media New comments Search media.

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Mixdeck midi config with virtual dj “Not enough channels”

Go to the audio setup page, and configure according to your needs. Support staff Member since Make sure that you have the latest firmware and drivers installed from http: I agree Maxdjack, it was an odd thing ASIO error means that your sound card is not configured correctly or there is a problem with the drivers – Please see http: I have exactly the same problem.

Nov 6, 33 30 Thanks for the info “Made in Breizh” If i do end up needing to connect it to a hub i will go with your advice!

Heres a happy update!

It is very particular as to the order that you power up your equipment. That I need another beer Now i figure it out to a point, when ever you disconnect the Awio from the computer i think the drivers get confuse or corrupt, so i stop disconnecting it from the system, because if i disconnect it and start playing music with winamp, the i close winamp and try to start the VDJ i get all sort of problems.


I am using the trial version of Virtual DJ pro. If I keep having problems I am gonna put XP on my laptop and see if that fixes the errlr.

Error in the Asio Sound Driver

Vorrei avere un aiutino una piccola guida su come far funzionare virtual dj pro con i cdj Grazie Ivano Yoda DJ: New features is coming 1.

Does the soundcard have a control panel and if so are vrtual able to check whether it is configured correctly?

edror Also, make sure that you have the latest DJIO drivers installed from http: The reason is to prevent security breaches and BSD’s. Solve software problem quickly Share experience to help others Improve the ability of solving problem.

Virtual DJ & Denon HD-2500, Asio Drivers problem

Thanx Andrew and DJCel, I got my cousin coming over after work today to have a look at it all, I hope this fixes the issue, if not, ill keep u guys updated If the low cost hub becomes OK with the power supply of the better hub, then buying a good power adapter regulated is half the price of replacing your hub.

I’ll dig mine out tomorrow, and see if it works without being in MIDI mode. You can also check whether the device is working properly in Device Manager. At one time i had a problem when ever i connect the RMX it would start looking for drivers Thanks for your reply I appreciate it Montreal Style.


Hacking the GUI is fun I knowbut without a native manual, folks will still be lost! What is the driver version you are using for the soundcard?

Forum: Old versions

Decide which audio configuration dn want to use and make the appropriate settings if possible 2- Open VirtuallDJ, and nevermind the error message you may get regarding your soundcard. You should test if your low cost USB hub works better on DJ Console Rmx when you replace its power supply with the power supply of the better hub, your problem may be due to a not very good power adapter.

Feb 11, 18, 1, Elkhart, IN www. But I can check. Copyright – BrotherSoft. This is only because users who have problems will actually post in order to seek advice to fix their problem. Ive only played with it for about an hour Which controller do you have, which OS do you have. Inviato Tue 25 Oct 11 5: Make shure that you have the controller set vvirtual asio instead of wdm.